Antarctic sea ice reaches all-time record high…

Via ABC (Australia): Scientists say the extent of Antarctic sea ice cover is at its highest level since records began. Satellite imagery reveals an area of about 20 million square kilometres covered by sea ice around the Antarctic continent. Jan Lieser from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperati
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Mohammed is most popular name in Oslo

Via Norwegian news outlet The Local: For the first time in the capital city's history, Mohammed is the common name for boys and men, said a study on Thursday. Statistics Norway (Statistisk Sentralbyrå - SSB) has counted the population of Oslo and found that Mohammed is the most common male name in Oslo
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Obama Pushes for UN ‘Climate’ Rules Without Congress

Via the NY Times: WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is working to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions, but without ratification from Congress. In preparation for this agreement, to be signed at a United Nations s
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