SOTU: Obama the “Fair”

History has given us Ivan the Terrible, Richard the Lionhearted and Catherine the Great. Now we have Obama the Fair. His now famous 2008 debate promise, “I would look at raising the capital gains tax for the purposes of fairness”, resurrected during the state of the union speech is really about nothing
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Are the Oscars Racist?

The racialists never miss a chance to point out more proof of racism in America.  Although the movie “Selma” was nominated for best picture the movies black director and actors were left in the back of the bus. USA Today reported on its front page a horrendous racial injustice. “Diversity in Hollywood t
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The Five Dumbest Responses to the Charlie Hebdo Attack

You can always count on the left to be entertaining. Once again, events in Paris gave them another chance to dance on the stupidity stage. Dumb responses to the Charlie Hebdo and Jewish deli attacks in Paris fall into two main categories, explanations about what or who caused it, and how we should respo
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Exactly How Often Do Police Shoot Unarmed Black Men?

This is the title of a recent article by Jaeah Lee in Mother Jones. Lee’s tag line: The killing in Ferguson was one of many such cases. Here's what the data reveals. Lee implies that we are finally about to find out what the truth is. Lee, like most on the left, is much less concerned about the truth th
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The Left’s Solution to Global Warming: Taxes!

Chauvinist professor and blabbering apologist for the Obama administration Larry Summers had an op-ed in the Washington Post that made about as much sense as the withdrawal from Iraq. In it, he makes the bizarre assertion that country is primed for a carbon tax due specifically to the recent, drastic dr
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