#GamerGate, Colbert, and a “National Dialogue”

Anita Sarkeesian appeared on the Colbert Report last night and gave a very brief version of her side of the story on #gamergate. She has been doing a series of videos analysing sexism in video games, and she has recently been in the news for being the victim of online harassment and a threat of mass mur
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Prejudice based on political party?

David Brooks recently wrote an article covering the very interesting subject of “partyism.” He cites studies showing that people show a lot of prejudice towards people with different political party affiliation, and that there’s even more political discrimination than racial discrimination. Having a pre
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Racist Buildings

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the ability of the left to see racism in everyone and everything, but Mark Rinaldi, of the Denver Post, has reached new levels of absurdity in his October 19 article. It seems the newly renovated Union Station is a racist building. Rinaldi explains; “Let's start with
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The Left’s Desperate Attempt to Defend Hillary

Hilary Clinton’s speech involving economics was typical annoying political rhetoric regarding economics, which both the left and right do, where they don’t think their audience is smart enough to grasp simple economics, so the dialogue is reduced to just saying that the other side is wrong. The left in
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Students Demand Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Conduct “Sh*t-In”

Heroes at SDSU conducted a "Sh*t in" on campus to "raise awareness and demand more gender neutral bathrooms on campus!" The about section of this event is unbelievable. Try to read all the way through without losing hope for America's future: Trans* Action and Advocacy Student Coalition (TAASC FORCE - S
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