Azealia Banks’ Five Dumbest Quotes From Playboy Magazine

It’s not often that one person can provide a “dumbest” list all on their own, but Azealia Banks, the 23 year old hip hop star from New York, has broken the racist remark sound barrier, spewing more hate in her interview with Playboy Magazine (April 2015 issue) than any pop star in recent memory. In no p
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The “Islamic State” and Radicalization

Recently, John Kerry, the Secretary of State, called the Islamic State “inexplicably evil.”  This organization has most certainly done some evil things, but they are far from inexplicable. All one has to do is read what they have been reading.   Actually, there is a three-fold explanation as to why
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Netanyahu On The Iranian Marriage Made in Hell

  Netanyahu: “The greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons”.   Bibi Netanyahu chastised President Obama for a “very bad deal” with Iran that would “pave the way” for and “guarantee” that Iran will get nuclear weapons. Indeed, Obama’s purported deal wit
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Iran Nuclear Talks and Islamic History

By Alexander Pierce Recently it has come to light that a feature of the proposed agreement with Iran regarding nuclear enrichment is a “sunset clause,” whereby any restrictions under the agreement would cease after a period of 10 years. The respected columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote an article that a
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Net Neutrality And The Destruction Of Words

I know a teenage boy with autism.  One of the characteristics of autism is a tendency toward Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  If there is a cheeto or some other crunchy bit on the floor, he absolutely must step on it.  It doesn’t matter if it then becomes a big mess which is then much more difficul
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