Sorry Maher fans, D’Souza wins this round

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Bill Maher’s fiercely loyal audience have given him real confidence, even when he should be embarrassed. They patiently wait for him to give cues on when to laugh, and then act as if all of his points are brilliant. They’ve built up his ego so much that when Maher faced off against Dinesh D’Souza, Maher didn’t seem to realize just how outmatched he was. While Maher controlled the crowd, D’Souza destroyed him on logic.

It really is a marvel to witness. Every time D’Souza was allowed to speak he completely refuted Maher’s points. D’Souza didn’t seem even slightly threatened by Maher’s trite points.

Maher makes several embarrassing comments when he was trying to refute D’Souza’s points, such as “the whole thing was a republican plan” referring to the health care bill. This is a comment that would get him laughed out of the room with even a moderate audience. And when D’Souza makes points that any rational audience would see as fair, Maher can just dismiss it by insulting D’Souza, and his audience will back him up.

Maher again thought he looked pretty good on his point regarding the cliche misunderstanding of Mitch McConnell’s statement. Again another point that only shows how unserious Maher has become.

At one point Maher took a childish cheap shot at D’Souza, insulting his popularity 10 years ago. Do you think Maher’s a little bitter about the success of D’Souza’s movie compared to his own? Maher only makes himself look bad with comments like this.

Maher was in complete control of the situation. He could ask any question, and bring up any point. He knew he had his blind fans to back him up on every statement. Despite all of this Maher comes out looking like the fool.

At the end of the interview Maher brings up a point that has clearly been bothering him: that the statement that got him in so much trouble was merely in agreement with what D’Souza said as a guest. The audience was giddy, as if Maher had really stuck it to D’Souza. But as D’Souza explains the two of them made very different statements. D’Souza said the terrorists weren’t cowards. Maher said by launching cruise missiles from miles away we were cowards.

D’Souza also said that he defended Maher for his right to say what he did. Maher thinks he was just making this up, so he asks for the transcript. With this conclusion we’re all supposed to assume Dinesh was lying. But D’Souza wasn’t the only one who remembers this. The San Diego Reader remembered it as well, as they said in 2005.

It’s funny (and maybe a little scary) to see the reactions from the left to this interview. They act as if it was Maher who destroys D’Souza, despite Maher being wrong about almost everything he said, usually provably so. It’s as if they were so excited at Maher challenging D’Souza that they forgot to listen to D’Souza’s answers.

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